22 ene. 2015

Faction Exam Questions and Answers for Level 5 Monolith


Question 1 - Which of the following pairs are not lovers?
Answer - Borobudur Dungeon Lord, Queen Succubus.

Question 2 - The Corona polarized and divided himself into two separated parts, allowing two spirits to reside within his body. One half became the embodiment of Light and called itself the Violet Corona. What did the evil counterpart call himself?
Answer - Glory

Question 3 - Which of the following is not a Faction Establishment?
Answer - Pixu Palace

Question 4 - For the Alchemy Labs, at what rank can Faction Members obtain the special Vitality +30 Scroll?
Answer - 8 stars

Question 5 - In Perfect World, players not only dye fashion items into the color they like, but also decompose the items they don't like. What item can be gained after decomposing fashion items?
Answer - Random Pigment

Question 6 - Circa the year 1000, a new human civilization is beginning its expansion in the west. Due to its location, the people called it the Sunset Country, or the Dusk Country as it has come to be known. But in what year did disaster strike this civilization?
Answer - PW. 1044

Question 7 - Architectural material can be obtained in many ways. Which of the following is incorrect?
Answer - Material cannot be obtained by faction quests.

Question 8 - After finishing the quests, players can obtain various materials corresponding to their race. What kind of material is rewarded to the Mystic?
Answer - Tellus Wood

Question 9 - How far back in time is Old Heaven's Tear?
Answer - Ten thousand years

Question 10 - If Faction Health is reduced to 0%, what happens?
Answer - The Base will be closed. Funds will be needed to open it again.