1 dic. 2015

Realm Grinder - Challenges 2

Estrenando R8... A por los Challenges de segundo nivel (tier 2)
Requisitos para empezar:

Tier 2 General Requirements:

- 8 Reincarnations
- Purchase the same bloodline as the faction
- Must play as the faction in question
- Must have completed previous tier challenge.


Fairy - ¡Corre hada! Tienes 30 segundos...
Get over 1000 farms and cast Fairy Chanting within 30 seconds of a new game with Fairy Bloodline chosen.Tax collections give 10 more seconds worth of coins and Faction Coins.Goblin
Elfos - Es sencillo si se planifica, en 1 hora y 20 minutos aproximadamente.
Gather 60,000 automatic clicks, have Elf Bloodline chosen. Don’t spend over 2 hours.Increase Holy Light power by 10%.Angel
Angel - Autocasting... se puede conseguir en 2 horas más o menos, con R8.
Generate 500,000 mana in less than 3 hours without casting a single Tax Collection and have Angel Bloodline bought.Increases maximum mana by 20%.Undea
Goblin - Creo que es el más sencillo de todos.
Buy over 250 upgrades and 17,000 buildings, have Goblin Bloodline active.10% of your purchased upgrades are added to your total trophy count for Hellfire Blast and Hall of Legends purposes.Demon
Undead - Simplemente jugar con ellos...
Cast Night Time when you have over 100 assistants and Undead Bloodline active.Assistant production is increased by 10%.Elf
Demon - Estrenando R10, lo consigo en pocos minutos (gracias a las Excavaciones)
Have exactly 666 royal exchanges across all factions, excluding Demons, in under 666 seconds current playtime. Must use Demon Bloodline.Increase max mana by 6.66% of your number of Halls of Legends.Fairy